Monday, December 7, 2015

Solar Pool Heating: Extending the Swimming Season for Perth Homeowners

According to a 2015 study by Roy Morgan Research, 18% of Perth residents have a swimming pool in their own homes, the highest rate among all Australian cities. These owners would naturally want to maximise the use of their pools, and would rather have it dip-ready whenever they want to go for a swim. Fortunately, there are accessories and equipment that make this possible, one of which is the use of solar pool heating systems.

How It Works

Solar pool heating systems depend primarily on solar collectors that are installed on the roof of the house and are connected to a pump and filter. The collectors harness the sun’s rays and use that to heat the pool water pumped through the tubes installed within them. The heated water is then flushed back into the pool.

In hot areas, these systems can also do the reverse and cool the water, this is achieved by running the system at night.

Environmental Perks

Apart from being considered one of the most efficient ways to maintain a pool for regular- and extended-season use, solar pool heating is also touted as the most eco-friendly method. Because it capitalises on a natural and renewable resource, the entire process does not put a tax on the planet. It also does not produce materials or wastes that can harm the environment. 

Homeowner Perks

The government site Tourism WA states that Perth receives an average of nine hours of sunshine a day. That means the most important requirement for solar pool heating is free and widely available. The best systems also have minimal maintenance needs and a lifespan of 10 to 15 years. All these ultimately make the cost of running such a system lower compared with other options.

Installing a solar pool heating system can double the length of the swimming season without doubling the costs for the environment or for the household. Trusted names in the industry, like Pool Solar and Spa, can help unlock these incentives for Perth homeowners.     


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